At the Steel Pier in Atlantic City.

About the Author


Born into a military family, Buzz Rettig spent most of his young life moving around the United States. He stared life in Newport News, Virginia, moving on to such exotic ports of call as Florida, Alabama, Colorado, Texas, and Washington State. He graduated from Gonzaga University, in Spokane, Washington, with a degree in Psychology. With degree in hand, he moved to Seattle, where he cleverly parlayed his new degree into a job with a construction company. In spite of being a standout ditch digger, he wanted more out of life, even if all that meant was less dirt in his clothes at the end of the day. After a few more goes to make it in Seattle, Buzz moved back east. He worked as a substitute teacher until he landed a job in government consulting. He’s been in the consulting industry for more than 38 years, with a brief stint in the communications industry. 

Buzz starting writing in college, producing articles for the school paper, writing plays, and contributing time and talent to the campus improv group, but didn’t begin writing in earnest until much later. Over the years, he’s written a number of novels, and spent both time and energy seeking agents and publishers. He has, as he says, been rejected by some of the finest publishers in the industry. Though not his first novel, Golf Dogs is the first of his works to see print. 

Buzz has been married for 30 years, has three children, and two granddaughters that think he’s a pretty good grandpa. (Update: On July 13, my granddaughter Claire stated, with a firm tone, that I am not a 'pretty good' grandpa, but a 'really good' grandpa. And my other granddaughter, Sophie, said that I'm an 'amazing' grand father. I've learned, over time, never to argue with my granddaughters.)