What Readers Are Saying

Golf  Dogs in Paris at cocktail hour

"I was a little skeptical picking this one up, as i had zero knowledge on golf. By the end I found myself on the edge of my seat, waiting to see if a character would miss their shot or sink their putt. The immersion was fantastic and even with so many unique characters taking the focus, i never felt lost. From golf strategies, to the everyday thoughts of a dog, to the devious schemes of an animal rights activist; so many different perspectives that all fit perfectly together in a story." Adam B.

"I can think of no better adjective for this book than fun. It is a quick paced read with a fun plot and outstanding character development. You will find yourself flying through the pages not wanting to put it down. Golf Dogs will undoubtedly bring a smile to your face and would be a joy for all ages, I cannot recommend it highly enough. I cant wait to see what else comes from the mind of this great author." Bill L.

"A fun quick read whether or not you are a golfer or dog lover. Rettig is a gifted wordsmith with a keen wit. I look forward to seeing more from this writer." Karen P. 

"In "Golf Dogs" Buzz Rettig has created a fascinating and intricate plot that has you guessing throughout but I defy anyone to predict the masterly finale. You are curious from the beginning to find out what happens next. What fun the book is too! It is the kind of book where you find yourself laughing out loud as you read it. There is an interesting cast of characters - my absolute favourite being McTavish. I thoroughly recommend "Golf Dogs" - even if, like me, you are not a golfer." crhb 

"This is a wonderfully well-plotted novel, with all the various narrative threads seamlessly weaving themselves together in a memorable comic climax. A highly entertaining read with a number of laugh-out-loud moments; I especially liked the way Muck gets his suitably apt comeuppance. Primarily a story that revolves around golf, and the idea of using pet dogs to assist with finding wayward shots during a competitive club tournament. There are some wonderfully well-observed details about the game. For example, the insight that “a sphere of 1.62 ounces in weight and 1.68 inches in diameter could consistently cause so much physical and emotional distress has been a constant source of mystery to golfers.” Don’t we know it! This is a novel that all golfing enthusiasts will relish – it’s a hole lot of fun!" William B.